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The tournament is an accredited ranking competition for cadet foilists on the European Fencing Confederation Cadet Circuit and also a nominated ranking event on British Cadet Circuit.


Cadet boys and girls born on January 1st, 2001 or later. Fencers should be at least 12 on or after January 1st, 2018 (it may be possible for an extraordinarily advanced younger fencer to participate, upon the written agreement of his/her parents, coach and doctor's recommendation).


October 14th, 2017


USN Bolton Arena, Arena Approach, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6LB

See the Venue page for more details on the location.


Salle Kiss


British entries must be made through the online system. Any queries about this system should be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. preferably by email, or alternatively by telephone either at 0161 366 1232 or 0777 767 4341.

Entries should arrive no later than October 6th, 2017.

Entries from fencers outside of the UK must be made through their national federations.

All competitors must have an EFC licence, for British fencers this is available from the British Fencing Association. Foreign fencers should apply for a licence through their national federations.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the individual competitions is £15(Sterling) plus a £25(Sterling) referee levy.


The provisional programme is as follows:

October 14th, 2017Men's Individual Foil8:30
 Women's Individual Foil10:30

Foreign fencers should register and pay their entry at the venue on October 13th, 2017 between 7:00PM and 9:30PM.

There will be no check in. Poules will be published on the web site and competitors should go to their pistes 15 minutes before the competition commences.


The formula for the individual competitions will be:

  1. A single of poules with 7 or 6 fencers eliminating a minimum of 20%
  2. Direct elimination without repêchage down to the final


The tournament will be run in accordance with the FIE Rules for Competitions, the European Fencing Confederation Cadet Circuit Rules and the BFA Disciplinary Regulations. The Directoire Technique reserve the right to decide, without right of appeal, on any issues not covered by these rules.


Equipment should be to FIE (CEN 2) standards, these are:

  • 800 Newton jacket and breeches
  • 800 Newton plastron
  • 1600 Newton mask with a conductive bib
  • FIE homologated blade

The FIE regulation for masks requiring two independent security devices will be enforced at the Manchester Cadet. This only relates to the Leon Paul Contour masks, these can be upgraded to conform to the new rule by purchasing a new bib and strap.

The regulation requiring foils and body wires to have two pin fittings will be enforced, bayonet fittings will not be allowed at the tournament.

There will be no weapons control, equipment checks will be done at the piste.

It is not necessary to have the fencer's name printed on the back of the lamé

Fencers whose equipment does not meet these standards will not be allowed to fence.

An Allstar UK shop which can supply conforming equipment will be available at the tournament.


Foreign federations should supply referees to meet the following formula:

Fencers Referees to be supplied
1-4 No referee required
5-9 1 referee
10-15 2 referees
16-20 3 referees

All referees should be entered through the EFC web site by their national federations.

If the referee quota is not fulfilled then a €500 penalty must be paid for each missing referee.


The tournament takes place at the Bolton Arena

USN Bolton Arena
Arena Approach
Bolton BL6 6LB

 +44 (0)1204 488 100
 Bolton Arena

Competition Date

October 14th, 2017

Live Results

Contact Details

For more information on the tournament contact

The Tournament Director
53, Ramsey Grove
Bury BL8 2RE
United Kingdom

 +44 (0)788 796 8117
  General Enquiries